Taking Flight: A Beginner’s Guide to the eFoil Learning Process


Efoiling, or electric foiling, has taken the water sports world by storm. It offers a unique way to experience the thrill of gliding silently above the water. But for beginners, the question remains: how do I learn to efoil?

The good news is, efoiling is surprisingly accessible! With proper instruction and a gradual learning process, you can be carving up the water in no time. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Step 1: Gearing Up and Safety First

Before hitting the water, ensure you have the proper safety gear. A well-fitting life vest (PFD) and helmet are essential. You’ll also be using a wireless remote control to operate the efoil.

Step 2: Finding Your Balance

Most efoil schools will start you by getting comfortable on the board in a prone position (lying down on your stomach). This allows you to feel the board’s movement and get used to the throttle control. You’ll then progress to kneeling, which further builds balance and introduces you to the feeling of planing on the water’s surface.

Step 3: Standing Tall

Now comes the exciting part – standing up! The key to success here is proper weight distribution. Unlike surfing, where balance requires more back foot pressure, efoiling thrives on keeping your weight forward. This helps the foil lift the board out of the water.

Step 4: Taking Flight (Gently!)

With your balance dialed in, it’s time to experience the magic of foiling. By gently increasing the throttle and shifting your weight slightly back, the foil will begin to lift the board out of the water. Initially, focus on “touch and go” maneuvers – feeling the lift, then adjusting your weight forward to bring the board back down.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Efoiling, like any new skill, takes practice. Don’t be discouraged by falls – they’re a natural part of the learning process. The more time you spend on the water, the more comfortable you’ll become with balance, steering, and controlling the lift of the foil.

Bonus Tip: Seek Professional Instruction

While this guide provides a basic overview, taking lessons from a certified efoil instructor is highly recommended. They can personalize your learning experience, ensure you develop safe habits, and help you progress faster.

With dedication and the right guidance, you’ll be efoiling with confidence in no time! Get out there, embrace the learning process, and get ready to experience a whole new way to enjoy the water.

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